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Forged in Fire Contestants Teach At Kilroy's Workshop!

Square Feet of Shop Space!

Our minimum age! There is, of course, no maximum.

There's Only 1 You. Come In & Create Your One-of-a-Kind Project!

Forge Knives & Traditional Blacksmithing

Learn how to forge knives and swords from three Forged in Fire contestants and attend special American Bladesmith Society (ABS) classes with ABS Master Smiths!

Learn To Weld

Check out our MIG/GMAW & Stick Welding Classes! No long-term commitments and when you master vertical up you can use our shop like your big garage with our Makerspace!

What Topics Are Covered?
Here are a few projects that we've covered in recent issues:

  • Create your own working hovercraft

  • Build a propane forge at home - with adult supervision, of course. 

  • Craft wooden props for your own video production. 

  • Make a small working catapult!

  • Design and build a working boomerang.


Lots of amazing projects are on their way to your door. 

You’ll also learn about cool tools & amazing craft skills all designed to unlock your creative genius! Safely operate an oxy-fuel torch or a plasma cutter, and learn welding skills and how they are used in different careers. We’ll walk you through forging techniques, and discover how the metal changes with heating and cooling. How does wood grain impact the strength of your wood projects? What cool stuff can you make with PVC piping? It’s in Mastercrafts Magazine! 

Read about professionals who do glass blowing, instrument making, carpentry, underwater welding, theatre and movie set design, and other fun and creative things for a living. You can learn and create and do so much! 


It’s in Mastercrafts Magazine!  

Ads are very limited and are relevant to you. For readers, this means any ads that are in the magazine are both useful and family-friendly. For the select few companies whom we partner with it means they are advertising useful products for our readers.

Why Print & Not Digital?
We deliberately decided to do a print magazine and not go digital. Who doesn't like getting something fun in the mail? No battery charger is required, and they can take it to the garage and tinker all day. Also, when was the last time you eagerly anticipated the most recent blog post from a website and couldn't wait to get online to check it out. A magazine though, is something to look forward to. 



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