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Forged in Fire Contestants Teach At Kilroy's Workshop!

Square Feet of Shop Space!

Our minimum age! There is, of course, no maximum.

People took at least one class last year.

There's Only 1 You. Come In & Create Your One-of-a-Kind Project!

Forge Knives & Traditional Blacksmithing

Learn how to forge knives and swords from three Forged in Fire contestants and attend special American Bladesmith Society (ABS) classes with ABS Master Smiths!

Learn To Weld

Check out our MIG/GMAW & Stick Welding Classes! No long-term commitments and when you master vertical up you can use our shop like your big garage with our Makerspace!


Welding @

Kilroy's Workshop

You can learn to weld clean beads in as little as a single 3-hour class! No experience needed. We teach mig GMAW/FCAW, stick, and now -- TIG! 

Coming soon - The Fast-ARC Welding Institute for professional welding. New curriculum and a fast-start program to get you to work quickly. More info coming soon on this program. 

To register for our hobby welding classes, click below.


See the shop in its best state yet! More anvils, any power equipment you need, and BRAND NEW welding booths!



7358 Cole View

Colorado Springs, CO 80915

Mon, Wed, Thu, Sat: 9-7:30

Tues & Fri - 9-4:00



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