For two weeks, an ABS-approved instructor will take students through a rigorous course designed to build and test bladesmithing skills through discussion and hands-on experience. During this time, students will gain the knowledge necessary to create quality blades, practically apply new skills, and receive feedback from one of the best ABS Master Bladesmiths in the world.


Topics covered include stock selection, knife design and forging, the “why” behind heat treating, grind techniques, finish work, and more! Upon completion of the course, students should be able to craft a quality blade capable of passing an ABS Journeyman Smith test. If the student desires, the ABS will waive one year from the required three-year Journeyman Smith waiting period once the class is successfully completed. 

If you are traveling from outside the Colorado Springs area there are a TON of hotels and campgrounds nearby. You are responsible for lunch, but we do have a refrigerator and microwave in our lobby, and there are multiple grocery stores near our facility.

American Bladesmith Society Classes



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Intro to Bladesmithing

Duration: 2 Weeks (M-F)

8AM - 5PM

Bring a lunch or eat out at one of the many nearby restaurants

Cost: $1,600 (includes all materials)

If you require hotel information, contact us for recommendations

  Aug 3 - 14, 2020 (full - email to be added to the waitlist)

Week 1 Instructor: J.W. Randall

Week 2 Instructor: Kevin Cashen

  Aug 31 - Sep 11, 2020 (email to sign up)

Instructor: James Rodebaugh


ABS Master Smith

James Rodebaugh

James Rodebaugh earned his ABS Master Smith title in 2004 and is one of the most respected master bladesmiths in the country. A former U.S. Marine and Federal Law Enforcement Officer, Rodebaugh became a full-time bladesmith in 1999, and has crafted quality blades at J.L. Rodebaugh Blade Studios in Carpenter, Wyoming, ever since.


ABS Master Smith

JW Randall

JW Randall is a Forged In Fire champion (season 4 episode 19). He builds bowies, folders, hunters and swords. His specialties include mosaic Damascus - both patterned and powder, and intricate inlays in pearl and ivory.


ABS Master Smith

Kevin Cashen

Kevin Cashen is the 2019 recipient of the ABS Don Hastings award. This is the most prestigious award in the ABS given to an individual who has performed outstanding services on behalf of the forged blade in the tradition of the gentle founder, Don Hastings. Kevin is well-known for his knowledge of metallurgy.

Heat Treat Intensive

  Aug 15 - 16, 2020

Duration: 2 Days (Sat - Sun) 

8AM - 5PM

Bring a lunch or eat out at one of the many nearby restaurants

Cost: $600 (includes all materials)

If you require hotel information, contact us for recommendations

Learn from the best in the industry! Kevin Cashen is teaching heat treat at Kilroy's Workshop! DON'T MISS THIS!!

Instructor: Kevin Cashen

Nearby Hotels & Campgrounds

Holiday In Express

About 11 minutes from Kilroy's Workshop. Includes breakfast. New, clean, and great reviews.




Only 1.3 miles from Kilroy's Workshop! 4-star.



Falcon Meadow Campground

It's a campground! :)