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Ages 16+ unless you have received prior approval

12 - 16-year-olds can join our Junior Academy!
Test Prep for the American Welding Society (AWS)

D1.1 3G Test - GMAW/MIG


Looking for a career in welding?


If you want to launch a career in welding, this is the class for you. Ages 16 and up only without prior approval.


For hobby welding, consider one of the 3-hour welding classes that we run on a regular basis instead. Visit and click Take Classes | Core Classes for a calendar and registration. 

If you are interested in the Academy class for professionals, then it's time to get serious! Kilroy's Academy is different from the workshop environment you might be accustomed to in our shop. We demand a lot from you! Treat your education like it is a job. Show up 5-minutes early, leave 5-minutes late, do what you are supposed to do while you are here, and prepare at home as if your livelihood depends on it. If you can commit to that, and you are an honest, trustworthy person who is ready to get after it, then you've found the program for you


Program Highlights:

* SMALL class size!! 

* Materials are included.

* We put you in interview scenarios throughout your time here. In other words, we have you weld in front of people and explain what you are doing! It's a different kind of pressure. 

* The class runs for 6 weeks - two days per week - 6 hours per day. You also have an additional 3-hours per week that you can use to practice. That's 72 hours of instruction PLUS 18 hours of additional practice time available, for 90 hours of total shop time. 

* We will arrange for testing at the conclusion of the class if you choose. The test is not mandatory, and we do not guarantee that you will pass -- it's your performance, after all. We will make sure you are prepared and will work with you to build the skills you need. 

* If you work hard and perform well, you will receive a Kilroy's Academy of Welding certificate and our recommendation for a potential employer. You need to earn this! There is no substitute for hard work and dedication!



  • Oct 13/14

  • Oct 20/21

  • Oct 27/28

  • Nov 3/4

  • Nov 10/11

  • Nov 17/18


  • Jan 12/13

  • Jan 19/20

  • Jan 26/27

  • Feb 2/3

  • Feb 9/10

  • Feb 16/17

What you need

  • We will send you a syllabus with all materials you need to bring with you before the first day of class. For most of the safety gear, we stock the items we recommend for sale in our store, but you can bring your own as well. You will need to purchase your textbook and welding jacket online as it is less expensive. The syllabus includes recommended sources. 

  • If you wish to take the certification exam at the end of the class you can add that to your registration. 

  • If you have no recent experience welding, we would ask that you complete the basic skills progression checklist in one of our Welding - All Levels GMAW/MIG or SMAW/Stick classes. You can register online HERE.  This is less expensive than trying to play catch-up during the certification training and will make your time in this class more valuable. 


  • $3,600 for the six weeks.

  • If you wish to add the test at the end, it costs $400 and you can register for that now

  • Welding gear. Your welding gear is yours to keep, of course. A full list is provided in the syllabus. Estimated cost of all gear is $400 (plus textbook), but it depends on what you buy. 

Refund Policy

100% refundable if canceled over a month from the start date. If less than a month but more than one week, 50% is refunded. There are no refunds if canceled within a week of class. If you are sick, we will schedule a make-up day or days.


This is NOT a degree program. We are NOT a university or college.


Time spent here can be used, with the permission of a school, for credit at the high school level, but it requires their sign-off. We have done that before.


Colleges will not give you college credit - unless you can show them your AWS certificate and get their agreement to let that count. The purpose of this program is to focus on skills needed for industry certification, and to translate that into a skill useful in the marketplace. We focus on making you as technically proficient, professional, and marketable as you can be for a career in welding. If you prefer a degree program, talk to us and we can give you recommendations.