Four instructors from Kilroy's Workshop participated in the History Channel's competition Forged in Fire! Learn more about the experience below.


Jessica Hardman

Part-Time Instructor

Jessica competed on Forged in Fire with her dad, Ron, in July of 2019. The episode originally aired on the History Channel Nov 27, 2019. Jessica forge-welded a canister Damascus billet and turned in a great blade! She performed brilliantly in round 1 and moved on to round 2 where she nearly made it to the final round! 

Forged In Fire Contestant

Matt Waters

Full-Time Instructor

Matt Waters competed on Forged in Fire in December 2018. His episode aired in June of 2019. Matt had a blast, and although he didn't win, he did an amazing job, creating a beautiful and functional recurve blade -- that was beaten repeatedly into a brick! He recreated the test during the viewing party and his reclamation blade withstood the same beating (plus some practice swings!). 

Forged In Fire Contestant

Ron Hardman

Full-Time Instructor

Ron competed on Forged in Fire in July/Aug of 2019. It was a special edition of the show called the Family Edition, and it was extra-special because he was able to travel and compete with his daughter, Jessica. Jessica nearly knocked him out in the second round, but Ron managed to hang on to get to the finale. He competed against fellow bladesmith (and dad) Jesse Harrison creating the famous rapier from the movie The Princess Bride! Both blades performed well, but Ron hung on for the win.

Forged In Fire Champion!

Weston Paas

Part-Time Instructor

Weston competed on Forged in Fire in Aug of 2019. Weston's knife in the first few rounds performed amazingly. He got to the final round and in four days, he created a Zulu war ax. His opponent's ax broke in the test that had their axes hacking at a pile of military-grade ammunition boxes. Weston's ax handled the strength test with ease and he was pronounced the Forged in Fire Champion

Forged In Fire Champion!