Makerspace & Kilroy's Club

Kilroy's Club and Makerspace is the perfect combo!

What is Makerspace?

Youth who are Apprentice II, or adults who have completed at least 6 hours of instruction in our shop through regular classes are eligible for Makerspace. Essentially, this lets you use our shop like your big garage. Come in pretty much any time we are open to work on your projects.


The Makerspace rate is $20/hour - discounted significantly from our classes because a) there is no instruction (you need to work on projects that you can complete independent of an instructor), and b) materials are not included like they are in classes. We have some metal here that you can purchase or you can bring your own, but if you have a big or complex project we encourage you to bring your own.

We started Kilroy's Club a few years ago to give discounts to classes, but also to make Makerspace even more affordable! It saves you money immediately, with 20% off ANY class, plus 2 hours of Makerpace even at the base Individual level. See below for full details!

Work on your Blacksmithing & Welding Skills

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Personal projects, join family and friends, or even run a business from Kilroy's!


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