This AWESOME Japanese blade is the ultimate knife for woodworkers. 


It is forged from high carbon steel, and can be beveled for the right or left-handed person. Use it as a marking blade, or use it to carve wood projects. The razor sharp edge lasts because we heat treat our knives right in our blacksmithing school, Kilroy's Workshop. We normalize the metal after forging to optimize its grain structure, then we quench it and temper it twice to make the blade edge tough but keep an edge for a long time! Sharpen just like any other chisel in your shop.


The entire knife is 7" long, and the blade has a 2" cutting edge. Some variation may occur, but these dimensions are close to what you will receive. Each blade sent is one we would be proud to use in our school, and they are tested for sharpness prior to shipment.

Kiridashi Japanese Knife - Woodworking & Leatherworking Knife