The new KW Colorado is legal to conceal carry in most states with a blade length of 3 1/4" and an overall length of just over 7". The steel is high-carbon, expertly heat-treated in our ovens, and the handle uses a paracord wrap for a comfortable grip that doesn't get in the way. 


You may have noticed an amber color for the blade. It's a sweet look, and is the result of the last step we perform in the heat-treating process. 


This is one tough blade, and includes a LIFETIME GUARANTEE! We test our steel, but if you have it break under normal use (don't use it as a screwdriver), let us know and we'll replace it! Make sure you look at the care instructions as this is a high-carbon steel blade.


Pick up a Kydex sheath for an additional $10!

KW Colorado Concealed Carry Dagger

Paracord Color
  • Your blade will come with a light coating of oil on it. Keep that on there as it will protect your steel from the elements.