These high carbon mini-blades are the most useful knives you'll own!


In styles to mimic their big brother counterparts (like Bowie, seax, tanto, and even a cleaver), these small blades are less than 3 1/2" from tip to handle making them legal to conceal carry in most states. 


The knives are professionally heat treated in our workshop to make them tough while still holding a perfect edge. Finally, they are sharpened to a razor's edge.



Choose the design you want and tell us which handle material you would like and we will create your perfect mini-knife! It takes about two weeks from order and ship, so if you are looking to get this by Christmas we will not guarantee delivery if ordered after the 10th of December.


Since these are made to order, we do not offer refunds except in the rare case of a defect.

KW Mini-Series Knives

Handle Material