Our popular 3lb hammer is back! We are taking pre-orders now for shipping by December 14, 2020. If you are not buying for a Christmas present, please note that in your order. When purchasing, we will process batches of hammers on a first-come-first-served basis. When supplies run out, they run out, so get your order in today!


Rounding on one side, flat on the other, with rounded edges for peening.


A blacksmithing hammer made by Kilroy's Workshop, Inc., one of the largest and most respected blacksmithing and bladesmithing schools in the country! This is the same hammer we designed for use in our school. If there was a better style, we would be making it!!


It is designed to be ergonomic for safe and effective use. It has a combination of features including rounding, flat, and peen edges. It is created to be long-lasting, with a properly heat-treated head and a hickory handle that is hand cut and shaped with a rasp. 


Each hammer is custom-made, so variations will occur. Every hammer that leaves our shop is one we would be proud to use both as craftsmen and as instructors. Weights are approximate but come in very close to the 3 lb mark.

KW3 - THE 3lb Blacksmith's Hammer