Pick up a lump of coal with any Christmas purchase!


A Medieval Christmas

Includes the awesome (and fairly accurate) Medieval Blacksmith Shop kit from LEGO, a Kilroy's Forged In America T-Shirt, a lump of coal for the stocking, and a certificate for the Rondel Dagger class! The Rondel Dagger is an iconic dagger of the middle ages. In fact, Richard III in his battle against Henry VII received a wound from what is believed to be a Rondel Dagger. This is a custom class and we will work with you on the timing of the class, so this is truly a custom one-of-a-kind class that spans 3 days!

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For more information about the Rondel Dagger, visit

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One Year of Kilroy's Club

Get 2 Months Free!!​

We started Kilroy's Club a few years ago to give discounts to classes, but also to make Makerspace even more affordable! It saves you money immediately, with 20% off ANY class, plus 2 hours of Makerpace even at the base Individual level. The Family/Group level (up to 4 named people) gets you 8 hours of Makerspace per months!

For a limited time, we are offering an even deeper discount for a year-long membership.

"... that's the gift that keeps giving the whole year!"

Cousin Eddie, Christmas Vacation


Looking for a one-on-one training session that mirrors what you see in Rounds 1 & 2 of the History Channel's show Forged In Fire? Sign up for this challenge and spend 3-hours on the clock! Add a Round 2 challenge to finish out the challenge by grinding and getting a handle on in just two hours. 

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You will join one of the smiths at Kilroy's Workshop, home forge to more Forged In Fire participants than anywhere else, and recreate a challenge from the show. Forge a blade using San Mai, cannister, or random pieces of spring steel from our bone yard and forge an awesome blade. You and the Kilroy's instructor will both forge knives according to your desired style, and you will quench in the three hours allowed for the challenge. 

At the end of the challenge you keep both your blade and the knife your instructor forged! You can add a handle and grind at home, or schedule Makerspace time at Kilroy's to finish out the handle. If you want to put yourself on the clock again, schedule a second 2-hour ROUND 2 challenge to do handle and grinding and see what it's like to finish a monster blade in 5-hours. 

Round 1: $349

Round 2: $289

Combo: $598 (saves $40!)

3 Class Bundle

For The Price Of Two!!

Our Blacksmithing & Welding All Levels classes are normally $80 each. Through Christmas, purchase the Christmas Bundle for $160 and you receive a $240 credit toward classes! You do not need to register for all of the classes at one time, you can split that among different people, and you can apply the amount to any class. Also -- there is no expiration!

If you wish to purchase more than one bundle, just purchase multiple quantities. You don't pick the classes yet -- this is a gift certificate for $240.